patina shopping iconFrequently Asked Questions

Q:How long will it take to receive purchased item?
A:It usually takes 7 to 21 days depends on the types of hand-made product you’ve chosen.

Q:If the item is purchased as a gift; is there an express service? Do you provide gift wrapping service?
A:We do provide express service at additional charge of 300~800 dollars(depends on your purchased item) for those customers that need their products ASAP. All small item comes in cardboard box. All bags come in dust bag as well as cardboard box.

Note: For express service you must contact us before any orders.

E-mail[email protected]

Q:Can the item be made in different color?
A:All our products are produced after orders are made, so you can have your item made almost in any color! please check out our color range which revised irregularly .

patina bespoke iconMade-to-order FAQ

Q:Are your products made from authentic leather?
A:All our products are dermis leather (references and characteristics of leather can be found in our leather selection page on our website)and depends on the season that different colors and types will be available like deerskin serpent-skin. Please do not hesitate to contact us on any special requirement of types of leather.

Q:Can the color and type of leather be changed on the products showed on the website?
A:All our products are produced after orders are made, so you can have your item made almost in any color! please check out our color range which revised irregularly .

Q:Can phone and tablet cases be tailored made for specific make and model?
A:If the phone or tablet is an uncommon make or model, please contact customer service for advice.

Q:What is copper mold hot stamp? Is it possible to hot stamp particular pattern or typeface?
A:No matter it’s your signature or any characters and patterns can be converted to JEPG file then forward them to us for copper mold to be made. Once the copper mold is done at no extra cost; you can choose to keep it or leaving it behind with us for your next hot stamp product. If you choose to keep the copper mold then it will be shipped together with your item. Note that when your next product needs hot stamping then you must send in the copper mold at your own cost.

Q:Is hot stamping particular pattern or signature possible?
A:By supplying us with the JEPG files of your pattern or signature, we’ll be able to provide this service for free as long as it’s a reasonable size.

Note: Leather that has no pattern or slightly patterned will have a better effect than the one that has greater patterns and textures.

Q:Can the item on the website be slightly adjusted to my like?
A:Of course, being able to personalise is our distinctive feature. If you found the item that’s just right for you but with some alternation to suit you better.

Our customer service will advice you when some items might not be able to be altered.

Q:Can my own design be made into a product?
A:Of course, you can forward your design to us. Upon receiving the data, we’ll communicate on the details then quotation and delivery date after that.

patina pay iconPayment and Shipment

Q:Do you provide Cash On Delivery service?
A:Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service at the moment. All purchased items must be paid with delivery charge before shipping.

Q:Can the item be shipped abroad?
A:Yes, we offer international shipping. EMS is used for Asia and the fee will be charged depending on your location.

Fedex and DHL (we’ll pick the lower priced one depending on your location) is used for America and Europe.

patina return iconReturns and Refund

Q:Can the item be returned due to dissatisfaction?
A:Every item is hand made to your order, so please double check your specification before ordering. Once the order is confirm then we can NOT take any cancelations.

Q:Do you provide any warranties?
A:Every product has life-time maintenance service. Metal accessories , zippers and stitchings have a one year warranty. It can be replaced or fixed free of charge during this one year. Wear and tear on the leather due to everyday use is not under the warranty. If product’s damage is caused by misusing then we can repair at a reasonable rate. All item are registered before shipping so for maintenance or warranty just need to contact us.

Q:How to get purchased item repaired?
A:First please contact us for quotation. If NOT sure if it’s repairable then please take CLEAR photo of damage parts and forward it to our mailbox or LINE ID0988093960for further inquiries.

*shipping fee is at extra charge for warranty or non-warranty repair

*Please note that NOT all damages are repairable. If it’s the case then we’ll advice you on alternative solutions.

patina care iconMaintenance

Q:How to maintain leather products?
A:Every piece of leather is unique in its own way. Therefore, there are no common or standard way of Maintenance.

But there are things you ought to avoid when owning a leather product:
1.  Avoid having it under the sun for long period of time.

2.  Avoid contacting with these substances: alcohol (perfume) , cosmetic product contain vaseline or grease (lipstick), and ink or ball-point pen. Once contact being made the result will be inevitable. Leaving permanent marks on your product.

3.  Water can affect the surface of leather products by leaving opaque marks. Excessive amount of water will cause irreversible bumps.